Cat Zeng

Nonlinear Dynamics Class Project

18.354 Nonlinear Dynamics Class Project

I took a class called 18.354 Nonlinear Dynamics: Continuum Systems and I really enjoyed it. I learned about things like why wildfires show up in spots.

The class had a class project at the end of it that amounted for a large proportion of your grade.

At the time, I was very excited about the idea of storing information in Analog representations (as opposed to digital). And waves are very analog!

So I wrote an ambitious proposal that makes no sense for the final project: Proposal


Then, I realized that I had no time and my proposal made no sense. So I did some dumb thing overnight with MNIST that also made no sense.


I was not proud of this project, but I just needed to submit anything to get a grade for the class. I got 100 on the paper, but I feel like that grade was not accurate lol.