Cat Zeng


Hi! My name is Cat, short for Catherine. I enjoy figuring out how things work and also learning about weird things. My biggest fear is to live a boring life. I care about my friends & family. In general I like making people smile.

I am working on Flairr with Zack, which lets you create a personal website from your phone. Flairr is very important to me, and my goal is to allow anyone to have an internet presence that they are proud of... that is easy to update as well.

My dream is to build amazing technology that behaves like "magic"... because under the hood, it's built with love, hard work, and attention to detail.


  • Undergrad @ MIT
    • I graduated from MIT in 2020 and studied EECS with a concentration in Music.
    • Proud affiliations: Keyholder, Vice Chair @ SIPB, East Campus (41W)
    • My friends and I built a boba machine that became popular in our dorm. Lambda Tea was funded by Y Combinator, and I spent 8 months in San Francisco.
    • Project building: I participated in 8+ hackathons, winning prizes such as Top 10 at HackMIT (3x), the Best Internet of Things Prize, and Niantic AR Prize. During my later years, I researched memory & language. Some of these projects are on my Github.
  • Highschool @ Dreyfoos School of the Arts
    • I went to a performing arts high school located in West Palm Beach, FL and majored in classical piano. Some of my recordings are here.
    • Proud affiliations: Dreyfoos Piano Department, Co-President of Student Government Association

My Pet Interests:

music, art, physics, plants, smash (n64 & melee), teaching

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