Cat Zeng


I've been playing piano for a long time (since I was 6). I used to play almost exclusively classical music and did a bunch of competitions because I liked feeling like I was good at piano. See here for my Youtube channel.

Later at MIT, I continued playing in trios for a couple years but then I had an existential crisis related to feeling like the way I played music wasn't C R E A T I V E!!!

So my friends and I started jamming in a band together. And that was... extremely fun haha (some of my absolute favorite MIT memories).

Classical Music:

Original Music:

I am interested in writing original music. My MIT friends and I were part of a band called Long Winded. Our Youtube channel is located here. Poorly updated page of explorative improvisation / ideation here.

I bought Pro Tools after a cool dude from Berklee convinced me to buy it at Guitar Center. So I spent a summer + a few months learning it and became a noob producer.

Select Solo Recordings:

For more videos, see my solo playlist on Youtube, here.

Southeastern Piano Festival

Liszt - Hungarian Rhapsody No. 15 "Rákóczi March" (2015)

Eastern Music Festival (won the concerto competition)

Prokofiev - Piano Concerto No. 2 in G minor, Andantino-Allegretto (2014)

Select Chamber Recordings:

For more videos, see my Chamber Music Society playlist on Youtube, here.

Arensky - Piano Trio No. 1 in D minor, Op. 32, Allegro moderato (2017)

Haydn - Piano Trio in C Major, Hob. XV:27, Finale Presto (2016)

Beethoven - Piano Trio Op.11 in B flat Major, Tema con variazioni (2017)