Cat Zeng

High Dimensional Vectors

Hierarchical Semantic Composition Using High Dimensional Vectors and Random Indexing (Presented at CULC13)

The Poster, Code.

I was very excited about high dimensional vectors and the math properties that emerge when you have a lot of dimensions after reading this book called Sparse Distributed Memory by Pentti Kanerva.

So I tried to apply this to language to see if it could successfully retrieve analogies.

I am making this post retroactively so I hardly remember anything anymore. However I do remember that it did not work very well, because it was hard to convert language to an encoded binary format haha.

I made a poster and wrote some janky code nonetheless and submitted it to an undergraduate conference at Cornell and I got in.


However, the day I was supposed to fly to Cornell, it was raining, and I went to the airport and my flight was delayed. Then I realized I didn't really want to go to the conference because I didn't care, so instead I stayed in Boston and had a great weekend with Zack instead.

I took this picture of the airport parking garage on that day because I was so happy and grateful that I decided not to go to Cornell.