Cat Zeng

Building a Loft

I built this loft with Zack using wood we collected from deconstruction of the East Campus dormitory's REX event fort. It took us around two weeks to finish.

We decorated the room afterwards with a dining table we got for free from an alumnus and some chairs from Goodwill and Stata loading dock. We're in the processing of building another table and a bar (the bench for the table has been built and is in the corner of the room as of now).

The loft

loft loft loft


We painted my door with "Sus Lord" and Qbert after painting it with a black coat first. That's because "Sus Lord" used to written (very unaesthetically) on my door in Sharpie, and it was catchy enough that we decided to keep it. Supposedly, the guy who lived in my room before I did was very suspicious. We painted Qbert because both Zack and I made it to the Qbert high score table at a local retro-arcade bar called Roxy's on Zack's birthday.


Last year we also painted Toby, the rainbow sloth. For more information about Toby, click here.


The process

We tried to do every part of the loft's construction right, which is why it took us so long to finish.

For the frame and ladders, we used wood dowels so that two pieces of wood are almost as strong as a single piece! We were also very meticulous about making sure the loft was leveled. The loft is currently not attached to the wall because it is sturdy enough to be free-standing.

loft loft loft


Here is a picture of the whole room: loft

This is the reading corner where I keep textbooks. There is a "no electronics allowed on the loft" rule so that Zack and I are forced to read at night instead of going on our phones.

Android Plush is a prize Zack won from a Google hackathon that he brought back. I like to cuddle with Android Plush when I sleep.


Maple the cat likes to get stuck in the loft. She also likes to take naps on our carpet.